Jeanette C. Rottas

Project Analyst / GIS

With a professional background in international economic development, Jeanette Rottas brings over five years of experience working on projects throughout Latin America and Africa. At TXP, Ms. Rottas’ responsibilities include research, analysis, and communications. Currently, Ms. Rottas is the lead GIS analyst for the firm and conducts demographic, economic, land use, and real estate data research for most TXP projects. She also supports TXP’s economic analysis with case study research comparing current efforts to projects in peer communities.

Prior to working at TXP, Ms. Rottas worked for CARANA Corporation, an international economic development consulting firm based in Arlington, Virginia. In her duties as a Project Specialist with CARANA, Ms. Rottas provided project management support for a portfolio of USAID-, World Bank-, Inter-American Development Bank-funded economic development projects located in Macedonia, the Dominican Republic, Panama, and the West African region. She was responsible for analysis of financial and technical performance, activity planning, report drafting, and business development. She also managed a team to perform an assessment of market demand for Dominican produce in the NYC metro area. Ms. Rottas previously worked in Ecuador with a rural indigenous community to implement a small business and youth association. She has also interned at the Organization of American States, US Department of State, and World Bank.

Ms. Rottas earned a Masters of Arts in Latin American Studies, with a concentration in Economic Development, from Georgetown University. She also holds a Bachelors of Science in Foreign Service from Georgetown University.